Ratseka Trail 2022

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October 23, 2022, Ala-Archa National Park, Kyrgyzstan

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1. Date and location.

October 23, 2022, Ala-Archa National Park, Kyrgyzstan

2. Organizers and funding.

The organizers are the team of   “SnowLeopard”. The Ratseka Trail is held at the expense of the organizers’ personal funds and  the participants’ entry fees. The chief referee is Seliverstov Sergey.

3. Competition program.

8:30 – 9:30 – Confirmation of registration, issuance of starting packs

9:45 – Briefing

10:00 – Start of the race

12:30 – End of control time at an intermediate point

14:00 – End of control time at the finish

16:00 – Announcement of the winners, awarding

4. Participants and conditions of participation.

All athletes over 16 years of age who do not have contraindications for health and registered on the personalized online-registration page of the competition organizer snowleo.net no later than the registration deadline in accordance with these Regulations are allowed to participate in the competition.

Each participant is himself responsible for his own safety and risks associated with participation in the competition.

In case of violation by a participant of sports etiquette and competition rules specified in this regulation, the head judge has the right to disqualify the participant.

Participants from 14 to 16 years old are allowed only if there is a statement in free form about the removal of full responsibility for the Participant from the organizer of the competition in writing, sent to the e-mail of the organizer snowleo.trip@gmail. com from one of the member’s parents.

Participants under 14 years of age are allowed only if they are accompanied by one of their parents throughout the entire route of the race and back and there is a statement in free form about the removal of full responsibility for the Participant from the organizer of the competition from the accompanying parent.

5. Registration and payment.

To participate in the “Ratseka Trail” competition you need to online-registration required:

– read the text of these Regulations, the text of the Public Agreement – the offer and the Privacy Policy on the personalized page of the organizer snowleo.net;

– enter personal data: last name, first name, date of birth, contact information (telephone, e-mail), country, sports organization (if available), telephone number of a relative who can be contacted in case of an accident with a participant;

– pay the registration fee and an additional service in the form of a transfer from Bishkek to the starting point and back (if necessary).

Registration is open until 19th of the October 2022 inclusive.

The cost of the registration fee depends on the time of registration:

From the moment of publication of this Regulation until 12.10.22 inclusive – 1100 soms, from 13.10.22 inclusive to 19.10. 22 inclusive – 1300 soms.

The cost of an additional service in the form of a transfer from Bishkek (parking at the intersection of Sovestskaya/Yuzhnaya Magistral St.) at 7:30 to the starting point and back (at the end of the event) is 400 soms /one place. A participant can book up to 10 plaes in a vehicle. Detailed information about the vehicle will be sent to the participants 1-3 days before the race via messages via Whatsapp or Telegram messengers.

Before the start, each registrant is given a start package of the participant, which includes:

– a small gift in the form of a stylish keychain with the snowleo logo (Only for the first 5 registered men and the first 5 registered women. The participant will find out if he is one of them by receiving a message – a notification via Whatsapp or Telegram messengers from the organizer, the absence of such indicates that the number of registered participants in each category exceeds the gift limit of 5 people);

– participant’s number + pins (it must be fixed in a conspicuous place);

– a bonus from the organizers;

The finisher’s medal is awarded at the finish line to all participants who meet the control time.

Refusal of participate:

In case of refusal to participate in this event, a refund for the registration fee is not carried out, for an additional service it is possible through the Participant sending an application received no later than the registration deadline for the “Ratseka Trail” by e-mail snowleo.trip@gmail.com.

6. Description of the route.

Start – Ala-Archa alpine camp (2200m), finish – at the Ratseka hut (3370m). Length – 6.4 km, climb -1170 m. Each participant at the finish must be sure to check in at the finish point with the referees and get a medal of the finisher. Control time for an intermediate point (“Waterfall”) – 2 hours 30 minutes.

.Control time – 4 hours, after which all participants must turn around. At the intermediate point “Waterfall” and at the finish, there are food points (fruits, chocolate, drinks).

Attention!!! Each participant thinks over food and drink on his own along the entire route. At the intermediate point and finish – light recharge. It is not recommended to rely only on it.

7. Recommended personal equipment.

1) Comfortable running shoes

2) Clothing for the race

3) Headwear (cap, buff)

4) Sunscreen

5) Sunglasses

6) Trekking sticks

7) A bottle of water

8) Backpack / belt bag for running

In case of bad weather:

9) Wind and waterproof jacket and pants

10) Mittens / gloves

11) Hat

8. Determination of winners and rewarding.

The winners are determined by the best (shortest) time to ascend to the Ratseka hut in the men’s and women’s offsets in two age categories: – 16-49, – 50+ (opens subject to registration from 4 men and 4 women corresponding to this category); awarded with certificates and medals, if sponsors are available – prizes.

All those who reach the finish line in the control time will receive a medal of the finisher.

9. Force majeure.

The organizers of the competition are not responsible in the event of possible force majeure facts (force majeure facts) that may partially or completely interfere with the event.

10. For advice on additional questions  please call +996 776 778859.

This regulations  are a challenge to the competition!

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