Khan-Tengri Peak (7010m)

  Khan Tengri is a pyramidal peak on the Tien Shan, located on the border of three countries: Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan and China. Its unusually beautiful shape and pink-red overflow of the marble facade at sunset charmed and attracted people since ancient times. You can climb to the summit from the north or from the south – from the Inylchek camps, all routes are technically difficult; avalanches and icefalls are characteristic for this area.

Climbing is associated with big risks, so you need to be prepared physically and psychologically.

 1. Duration of the tour: 20 days

 2. Season: July-August

 3. Level of difficulty: 8/10

 4. Number of persons: 1-3 (with one guide)

 5. Insurance: necessary

 6. Documents: a border pass (it must be issued no later than 2 months before the start of the program)

 7. Accommodation: For accommodation in the high-altitude camps, you will need to buy a package or book places for tents.

 8. Nutrition: optional – self-catering or use the services of a cook (available only in the base camp Inylchek, above – self-catering, decided with a guide)

 9. Program by day: (may be adjusted depending on the level of physical training and qualifications):

1 day: Arrival in the Bishkek, accommodation in a hotel / guest house

2 day: Transfer from Bishkek to the Karkara camp (~ 460 km), accommodation in a camp

3 day: Arrival by helicopter to the South (or North) base camp Inylchek (4000m)

4-9 days: Acclimatization hiking: overnight stays in the camp 1 (4200m), in the camp 2 (5300m); radial ascent to a height of 6300-6400m; descent to the camp 2

10 day: Descent to the BC Inylchek

11 day: Rest day, preparation for climbing

12 day: Ascent to the camp 2, to the camp 3 (5800m)

13-15 days: Ascent  to a height of 6700m, setting up the camp 4 (assault camp). Ascent to the Khan-Tengri peak (7010m), descent to the camp 3

16 day: Descent to the camp 2 and to the camp 1

17 day: Descent to the BC Inylchek

18 day: Helicopter flight from the BC Inylchek to the Karkara Camp

19-20 days: Return to the Bishkek, end of  the program

10. List of required personal equipment:

1) Shoes:

– mountaineering boots;

– trekking boots;

– sneakers (or other light footwear for the base and first camps)

2) Headgear:

-hat / baf;



3) Warm mittens or gloves (preferably two pairs of each)

4) Clothing:

– waterproof  jacket and pants;

– thermal underwear;

– t-shirts, shorts;

– down jacket;

-warm polartec jacket;

– socks (several warm and several light)

5) Sun cream

6) Sunglasses

7) Hygienic lipstick / balm

8) Backpack

9) Sleeping bag

10) Tourist rug

11) Headlamp flashlight and battery reserve

12) Trekking sticks

13) Carabiners

14) Crampons

15) Climbing harness with lanyard of self-insurance

16) Helmet

17) Ice ax

18) Jumar

19) Belay device

11. Our services:

-guide services with knowledge of Russian and English;

-organization of transfer *;



* transfer organization is nesessary, is not included in the total price of the program;

** nutrition, accommodation are done at the request of customers and are  not included in the total price of the program

 12. Cost: calculated based on the number of participants and their preferences