Rafting* is an amazing extreme adventure on a mountain river, which can be realized only through well-coordinated teamwork. A surge of adrenaline and a storm of emotions will be provided for each participant!

Locations: Chu River (Boom gorge, ~ 110 km from Bishkek); Chon-Kemin, Kekemeren, Naryn (rafting on these rivers takes 2-3 days).

If desired, it is possible to organize more difficult corporate programs that combine several types of team building.

*Team building is an active corporate event, which aimed at working together and achieving common goals. It contributes to the effectiveness of teamwork, team unification and psychological discharge. And our team building programs, conducted by professionals having a lot of experience, will give you bright emotions and unforgettable impressions!

 1. Duration of the tour: 1 day

 2. Season: May-September

 3. Level of difficulty: 3/10

 4. Number of persons: 5-40

 5. Insurance: not required

 6. Documents: entry is free

 7. Accommodation: not required

 8. Nutrition: optional – it is possible for us f to organize lunch or self-catering

 9. Program by day:

1 day: 10:00 Meeting at the event location. By the arrival of the participants everything will be ready for the start!

10: 00-13: 00 Team Building.

13: 00-14: 00 Lunch.

14: 00-17: 00 Continuation of an active corporate holiday and completion.

10. List of required personal equipment:

1) Footwear (sneakers, sandals, that hold well on the feet) *

2) Headgear (cap, pan-hat, baf) *

3) Lightweight pants covering the knees and T-shirt*

4) Sun cream *

5) Sunglasses *

6) Warm, waterproof pants and jacket (in case of bad weather)*

7) Backpack for things *

8) Swimsuit, towel, shale

* – compulsory equipment

11. Our services:

-services of the guide (-s) having the relevant qualifications and experience;

-providing of equipment for each participant;

-organization of transfer **;


**organization of transfer and nutrition – at the request and is not included in the total price of the program

12. Cost: the cost of a team building program is calculated depending on the number of participants, the event location and the preferences of organizations.