Winter trip to the Issyk-Ata

Issyk-Ata is a mountain resort of Kyrgyzstan, located at an altitude of 1775 m above sea level, on the coast of a beautiful and stormy Issyk-Ata river. In the warm season, the resort surroundings abound with great views of waterfalls, subalpine meadows, which include a variety of flowers and bushes – barberry, sea buckthorn, rowanberry, wild rose, juniper. In winter, waterfalls freeze and turn into ice cascades, reaching a height of 20m – a great opportunity to practice ice climbing for beginners and professionals. The resort is also famous for pools with hot springs, the health benefits of which have been known since ancient times. And all this is surrounded by mountains!

 1. Duration of the tour: 1 day

 2. Season: November-March

 3. Level of difficulty: 3/10

 4. Number of persons: 1-4

 5. Insurance: not required

 6. Documents: entry is free

 7. Accommodation: not required

 8. Nutrition: optional – it is possible for us f to organize lunch or self-catering

 9. Program by day:

1 day:  7:30 Meeting in the Bishkek city

7: 30- 9:30 Transfer from Bishkek to the Issyk-Ata gorge. The road in the direction of the resort passes through small towns and villages located near the capital.

9: 30-14: 30 Ascent to the ice cascades, organization of insurance, ice climbing, descent to sanatoriums.

14: 30-15: 00 Lunch

15: 00-16: 00 Swimming in the pools with hot springs (optional)

16: 00-18: 00 Return to the Bishkek. The way back runs through the high valleys.

10. List of required personal equipment:

1) Footwear (boots for snow, with welts) *

2) Headgear (cap, baf) *

3) Warm gloves and mittens

4) Sun cream *

5) Sunglasses *

6) Warm, waterproof pants and jacket (in case of bad weather)*

7) Crampons

8) Climbing harness with lanyard of self-insurance

9) Helmet

10) Backpack for things *

11) Trekking sticks

12) Swimsuit, towel, shale

* – compulsory equipment; if you don’t have something from the equipment, you can use the additional service “equipment rental”

11. Our services:

-services of the guide with knowledge of Russian and English and having extensive experience in organizing ice-climbing activities with the appropriate qualifications;

-organization of transfer **;


-swimming in pools with hot springs **;

**organization of transfer and nutrition – at the request and is not included in the total price of the program; swimming is also not included there.

12. Cost: from $ 160