LK SNOWLEO RACE 2022. Regulations

LK SNOWLEO RACE 2022 – high-speed ascent to the Literaturnyi Kyrgyzstan peak * in the foothills of Bishkek. The length of the distance is 8 km, the climb is 1520 m. Beautiful views at the distance, the atmosphere charged with a sports spirit, the opportunity to test yourself for strength – all this awaits you at the LK snowleo race!!!

* the entire route coincides with the route to Medik’s peak, but Medik’s peak  itself is higher and further in length than Literaturnyi Kyrgyzstan.


1.Date and location:

June 5, 2022, start place – Oruu-Sai ski base, Kyrgyzstan

2. Organizers and funding:

The organizers are the “SnowLeopard” team. The “SNOWLEO RACE 2022” is held with support of the Federation of mountaineering and sport climbing of  KR,  at the expense of the organizers’ personal funds, as well as the entry fees of the participants. Chief referee – Seliverstov Sergei.

3. Competition program:

7:30 – 8:30 – Confirmation of registration (the place of registration can be easily found by the sign installed at the turn from the Bishkek-Ala-Archa road), issuance of starter packs

8:45 – Briefing

9:00 – Start of the race

12:00 –End of control time at an intermediate point

13:30 – End of control time at the finish

16:00 – Announcement of the winners, awarding (at the start site)

4. Participants and conditions of participation:

All athletes over 16 years old who do not have contraindications for health and who have paid an entry fee of 1000 soms, who registered before the 22 of May inclusively, and 1200 soms, who registered from the 22 to the 31 of May inclusively,  are allowed to participate in the competition.

Each participant is solely responsible for his own safety and risks associated with participation in the competition.

In case of violation by a participant of sports etiquette and competition rules specified in this regulation, the head judge has the right to disqualify the participant.

5. Registration and payment:

For participate in the LK SNOWLEO RACE 2022 competition you have to send request with your full name, year of birth, sports organization, country by phone +996 776 778859 (Whatsapp or Telegram) and also pay an entry fee to the Elsom (0776 778859). Registration is open until the 31 of May 2022  inclusive. Before the start, each registered participant is given a starter package, which includes:

– participant’s number + pins (it must be fixed in a conspicuous place);

– a bonus from the organizers;

The finisher’s medal is awarded at the finish line to all participants who meet the control time.

Refusal to participate:

In case of refusal to participate in this event, a partial refund of 50% of the cost is possible, but no later than 4 days before the competition.

Attention!!! Transfer to the starting point is not included in the entry fee. Organization of transport – on request, the cost will depend on the quantity of participants.

6. Description of the route:

Start – Oruu-Sai ski base (2000m). Finish – the top of  the Literaturnyi Kyrgyzstan peak (3520m), length – 8 km, climb -1520 m. On the day of the race, the track will be marked.

Each participant at the finish must be sure to check in at the finish point with the referees and get a finisher’s medal. Control time for an intermediate point – 3 hours. Control time for finish is 4 hours 30 minutes.

At the end of the control time, all participants must turn around and begin the descent.

Food points are provided at the intermediate point (approximately half of the route), at the finish line and at the descent registration point (fruit, chocolate, drinks).

Attention!!! Each participant thinks over food and drink on his own along the entire route. At the intermediate point, finish and start after descent – light recharge. It is not recommended to rely only on it.

7. Recommended personal equipment:

1) Comfortable running shoes

2) Clothing for the race

3) Headwear (cap, buff)

4) Sunscreen

5) Sunglasses

6) Trekking sticks

7) A bottle of water

8) Backpack / belt bag for running

In case of bad weather:

9) Wind and waterproof jacket and pants

10) Mittens / gloves

11) Hat

8. Determination of winners and rewarding:

The winners are determined by the best (shortest) time to ascend to Literaturnyi Kyrgyzstan peak  in the men’s and women’s offsets; awarded with certificates and medals, if sponsors available – prizes.

All those who reach the finish line in the control time will receive a medal of the finisher.

9. Force majeure:

The organizers of the competition are not responsible in the event of possible force majeure facts (force majeure facts) that may partially or completely interfere with the event.

10. For advice on additional questions please call +996 776 778859.

This regulations  are a challenge to the competition!