Ala-Archa (1 “B” -6 “A” d.c.)

  The Ala-Archa gorge is the most popular sight of  Kyrgyzstan, which meets thousands of local and visiting tourists year round. There are all conditions for different kinds of sports: mountaineering, climbing, ice climbing, trekking. The gorge is located in 40 km from the Bishkek city, there is almost everyone knows climbing camp. Actually, the adventure begins with it. For training, climbing- this is the best area of ​​Kyrgyzstan, here you can to plan the passage of routes from 1 “B” to 5 “B” d.c.; organize various sports fees, including high-speed ascents, ice and rock trainings and rescue trainings. Basically, all this can be done by rising from the alpine camp (2100m) to the Ratseka station (3300m). Above there are two huts, “Koronovskaya” and “Uchitel’skaya” (“Semenovskaya”).

 1. Duration of the tour: it depends on preferences and level of a physical training

 2. Season: year around

 3. Level of difficulty: it depends on preferences and level of a physical training

 4. Number of persons: 1-5 (with one guide)

 5. Insurance: necessary

 6. Documents: entry is free

 7. Accommodation: in the Alpine Camp is possible to stay in a hotel or in tents; there are huts and places for tents on the Ratseka station.

 8. Nutrition: optional – self-catering or use the services of a cook

 9. Program by day: the program is compiled according to individual preferences, to the level of physical training and qualifications; two schemes of work are possible: “guide-client”, “instructor-participant”.

10. List of required personal equipment: it depends on the tasks

11. Our services :

-organization of transfer;

-guide services with knowledge of Russian and English;



** nutrition and accommodation are done at the request of customers and are  not included in the total price of the program

12. Cost: calculated based on the number of participants and their preferences