Trip to the Toktogul reservoir

Toktogul reservoir – the largest in Central Asia, formed by the dam of the Toktogul hydroelectric power station on the Naryn River. Clear water and its temperature, rising to 25 degrees in the period from May to September; without  numerous tourists, almost wild beach; green hills and mountains – all this attracts swimmers and fishermen. The road to the reservoir runs along the Bishkek-Osh highway and allows you to get acquainted with such natural sights as the Chichkan gorge and the Susamyr valley. Chichkan Gorge is located at an altitude of 2200m and is replete with picturesque mountain landscapes, stormy rivers and rich vegetation, and the freshest air gives you a real sense of all the grace of nature. Susamyr valley is also famous for its unique species – green and  lush meadows; winding rivers – surrounded by mountain peaks up to 4500m.

 1. Duration of the tour: 3 days

 2. Season: May-September

 3. Level of difficulty: 1/10

 4. Number of persons: 1-10

 5. Insurance: not required

 6. Documents: entry is free

 7. Accommodation: in tents (2 nights are provided)

 8. Nutrition: en route – in the catering facilities (cafe / snack bars / canteens), on the coast of the reservoir – at the request of customers(we can arrange meals or self-catering)

 9. Program by day:

1 day: Transfer from Bishkek to the Toktogul reservoir (~ 350 km, ~ 6 hours), setting up tents, walking

2 day: Swimming and / or fishing

3 day: Return to Bishkek, end of the program.

* The program can be changed depending on customer preferences.

10. List of required personal equipment:

1) Comfortable shoes (boots, sneakers)

2) Headgear (cap, baf, panama)

3) Swimsuit, towel, shale

4) Sun cream

5) Sunglasses

6) Warm, waterproof pants and jacket (in case of bad weather)

7) Water bottle

8) Backpack for things

9) Fishing gear

11. Our services:

-organization of transfer;

-guide services with knowledge of Russian and English, and with experience in fishing (if fishing is planned)

12. Cost: calculated based on the number of participants and their preferences