Tour around Issyk-kul lake

   Issyk-Kul is a salt lake, the largest in Kyrgyzstan, famous for its warm sandy beaches and crystal-clear water, surrounded on all sides by mountain ranges. On both coasts of Issyk-Kul (North and South), a few kilometers away there are unusual mountain gorges, among which the most popular are Semenovskoe, Grigorievskoe, Karkara, Dzheti-Oguz. The amazing tandem of sea and mountain climates attracts thousands of tourists annually. Beautiful landscapes, fresh air, swimming, walking, allowing you to get to know not only nature, but also the culture of Kyrgyzstan, will like to travelers of any age!

 1. Duration of the tour: 6 days

 2. Season: May-September

 3. Level of difficulty: 1/10

 4.Number of persons: 1-10

 5. Insurance: not required

 6. Documents: a border pass for BaseCamp Karkara (it must be issued no later than 2 months before the start of the program)

 7. Accommodation: during the trip there is an opportunity to spend the night in hotels / guest houses and tent camps (on different parts of the way)

 8. Nutrition: in the catering facilities (cafe / snack bars / canteens)

 9. Program by day:

1 day: Transfer from Bishkek to the Cholpon-Ata through Boom gorge, accommodation in a hotel / guest house. Smimming on the north coast of Issyk-Kul, boat trip.

2 day: On a choice – hiking in the Semenovsky or Grigorievsky gorge. Return to Cholpon-Ata. Swimming. Visiting the cultural complex Ruh-Ordo.

3 day: Transfer to the BaseCamp Karkara, hiking through the gorge, overnight in the camp.

4 day: Transfer to the Jeti-Oguz through Karakol city. In theKarakol – visiting the church. In Jeti-Oguz – hiking to the waterfall “Maiden Spits”. Overnight in tents.

5 day: Transfer to the canyons “Fairy Tale”, walking. Accommodation in a guest house. Swimming on the southern coast of Issyk-Kul.

6 day: Swimming, returning to Bishkek, end of the program.

* The program can be changed depending on customer preferences.

10. List of required personal equipment:

1) Comfortable shoes (shoes, sneakers, slates)

2) Headgear (cap, baf, panama)

3) Swimsuit, towel

4) Sun cream

5) Sunglasses

6) Warm, waterproof pants and jacket (in case of bad weather)

7) Water bottle

8) Backpack for things

9) Trekking sticks (for hiking)

11. Our services (what we provide):

-organization of transfer;

-guide services with knowledge of Russian and English.

12. Cost: calculated based on the number of participants and their preferences